Getting Married in Horfield Parish Church

Congratulations on your engagement, and welcome to Horfield Parish Church with its history that goes back more than 1000 years.

Weddings can be arranged at any time of year except for Holy Saturday (the day before Easter). 



Weddings can be booked by contacting Fr David McGladdery using the details below:

Telephone Number: 0117 401 3042



When a deposit of £100 is normally requested, and arrangements can be discussed.


Banns must be called on 3 consecutive Sundays in your parish church(es) no more than 3 months prior to the date of your wedding

(i.e. if you live in separate parishes arrange for them to be read in each).

It is your responsibility to arrange this. You must ensure that any Banns certificates from other parishes are given to the clergy before your wedding day, as you cannot be married without them.


Living outside the Parish - If you want to be married at Horfield Parish Church but neither of you lives in the parish, there are a few possible options:

(1) If one or both of you have a strong personal or family link with the church and therefore have a qualifying connection, please see below and be prepared to complete the form when you visit the church.

Marriage Fees

(2) You are entitled to be married here if one of you is on the Church Electoral Roll.
To qualify for this, you must attend worship here regularly for at least six months before the banns are called (“regularly” means every Sunday when this is possible – at least twice a month). You can then be put on the electoral roll.

You are not advised to do this unless you would really like to come to church! Most people who join us for worship in this way have enjoyed being here, and many have gone on to make a fuller Christian commitment.
If you have not worshipped here regularly, you cannot be put on the roll, and you will not be able to be married here!

The alternative is that you can be married in the church of the parish where you do live!

Statutory Fees

Publication of Banns:                      £30.00

Marriage Service:                            £455.00       

Marriage Certificate:                       £4.00

TOTAL:                                              £489.00


Additional Fees

Verger:                                               £30.00 (Cash please)


Optional Extras

Organist:                                           £100.00 (Cash please)

Bells:                                                  £160.00 (Cash please)

Choir:                                                £ 60.00 (Cash please)



Total with no optional extras:                                   £519.00

Total with organ:                                                        £669.00

Total with organ and bells:                                       £729.00

Total with, organ, bells and choir:                           £789.00


A non-returnable deposit of £100.00 is payable at the time of booking.


Banns for those being married elsewhere

Publication of Banns: £30.00

Certificate of Banns: £14.00

Total: £44.00

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