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Stations of the Cross 2024

The Stations of the Cross refers to a series of images depicting Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion and accompanying prayers. The objective of the stations is to help Christians and those seeking Christ to make a spiritual pilgrimage through contemplation of the Passion of Christ. It has become one of the most popular devotions and the stations can be found in many Western Christian churches.

At Holy Trinity a reflection on the Stations of the Cross is offered each Saturday during Lent.  Different members of the congregation prepare and lead these services, some of which are shared here:


Stations of the Cross. 2nd March 2024.  Through the eyes of Mary

Stations of the Cross.  9th March 2024.  Knife Crime in Bristol

Stations of the Cross. 16th March 2024. Bearing our cross with Jesus

Usually, a series of 14 images will be arranged in numbered order along a path, along which worshippers—individually or in a procession—move in order, stopping at each station to say prayers and engage in reflections associated with that station.   The Stations of the Cross at Holy Trinity were originally in St Edmund's Church, Horfield, and were moved to Holy Trinity after St Edmund's closed.

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