Announcements and Updates

EXHIBITION: Looking to the light at Glenside Hospital Museum. An exhibition created and curated by ten artists in response to Glenside Hospital Museum's collection.

Glenside Museum is an extraordinary museum, charting the complexity of former mental health care offered to those committed to the care of the asylum.  If you would be interested to visit the exhibition, there will be transport from Holy Trinity on a Saturday afternoon late September (exact date TBC). Please contact Caroline if you are interested. There will be tea provided in UWE Glenside Library following the visit


Card Reader

We have noticed that when donations are made using the card reader in church unless you put your name under Description, the donation is anonymous.   This is fine for people who have not signed up for Gift Aid but if we can claim Gift Aid on your donation we do need to know who has made the payment.   We are sorry that this problem with the card reader has only just come to light.