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About Holy Trinity

Whoever you are; wherever you come from, everyone is welcome here.

The people of Horfield Parish Church try to make these words come alive by example. We are a community gathered in the Church of the Holy Trinity with St. Edmund, and part of the community of Horfield, Bristol. 

Our worship is centred on the Eucharist and the sacramental life of God’s church, that we may grow as people who witness, live and experience God’s love at work in the ordinary rhythm of daily life.  We worship in the liberal, inclusive, catholic tradition of the Church of England

You will find a warm welcome in our church from people who strive to follow Jesus through prayer, fellowship and service to the wider community.  We understand church is  not the place to be given firm answers, but a safe place to ask searching questions, find reflective space and be ourselves before God who is love.

We seek to honour the diversity that strengthens us and enhances and enriches our common life. Our church is a place where we have the opportunity to continue our journey towards God together, young and old, encouraging and supporting one another and welcoming the visitor and the stranger with a hospitality that assures no one need travel alone.


Our Story

Although no documentary evidence of the foundation of the church appears to be in existence, there is some evidence that there could well have been a place of Christian worship at Horfield from a very early date.  Until the building of the school in 1838 (for which authority to enclose part of the common was granted) the churchyard was completely circular in form.  This, together with the many springs still in evidence, suggests that the site was originally a pre-Christian place of worship.  Moreover it is adjacent to an exceedingly ancient track-way leading from Bristol towards the crossing of the Severn at Aust, part of which is currently in use as a short cut between Wellington Hill and Kellaway avenue past the east end of the church.  This track can be followed on foot back to Zetland Road and from there over Kingsdown to the old city.  It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that this track was the route followed by St. Augustine to the conference with the Celtic bishops at Aust in 603 AD.  As Augustine was ordered by Pope Gregory to re-dedicate existing places of worship to Christian use so that converts could continue to worship at a place to which they were accustomed, it is possible that the foundation of the church in Horfield dates from this time.

Horfield appears in the Domesday Book as 'Horfelle in Langlei Hundred, the property of the King in Horfelle VII hides'.  The book was compiled principally to record the extent, value and ownership of the lands, therefore the omission of a direct reference to an actual church building by no means precludes its existence.  In any case it would probably have been quite small and built of wood or wattle.

Meet The Team



Chair: The Revd. Canon Dr David McGladdery, SCP – Rector, Diocesan Synod*

Caroline Plaice - Church Warden; Safeguarding Officer; Deanery Synod*                  

Nick Stephenson - Church Warden; Inclusivity, diversity and equality*

​Christine Bufton - Treasurer                                                        

Carolyn Larcey - PCC Secretary, Electoral Roll Administrator

​Laura Bufton - Safeguarding Administrator

Phil Lewis - Community Links; Welcome Project Steering

​Helen Currie – Children and Families                                       

Garth Baker – Stewardship Recorder; Deanery Synod,

​Jonathan Crow – Director of Music*                                         ​


Warden of the children’s chapel: Grace Douglas

Risk Assessment, Health and Safety Advisory Team:

Those marked with *, and Karen Dunmall (First Aid Lead)


The Welcome Project – Steering Group

The Revd. Canon David McGladdery, SCP – Rector

Caroline Plaice – Church Warden       Nick Stephenson – Church Warden

Jen Douglas                                          Phil Lewis

Jane Lewis                                             Garth Baker

Rob Brace                                              Roger Frame (John Frost Society)

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