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Children and Young People at Holy Trinity Horfield

Children and young people are very welcome to our church. We want them to feel part of our regular worship as well as having space and time to worship with people of their own age. The activities we offer for young people are created with this in mind.

Messy Church

Messy Church takes place between 10 and 11:15 am every third Sunday of the month in the church hall. We like to think that as well as being packed full of wonderfully messy activities for young people, the sessions are a big ‘mess’ of different ages! Although a lot of the activities are aimed at primary age children, we have regular members who are of secondary age who like to join in and to support the younger members. Since we ask that children under the age of four are accompanied by an adult carer there are usually plenty of adults joining in the fun, prayer and worship as well. The congregation always join us at the end of the session to share refreshments.

Horfield Young People’s Club

Horfield Young People’s Club continues to take place every Friday of term time from 6.15 – 8pm as it has done almost every week since Geoff Stock set it up in 1974. The Club is for young people aged between 6 – 11 and is a wonderful opportunity for them to take part in sport, games, craft activities and community challenges. We end each session with a prayer and reflection. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Helen Currie or Jen Douglas

Young People in Church

The Children’s Chapel is at the back of the church. Here you will find toys, colouring books and pens which your child is welcome to use throughout the service. There is space for buggies and prams. You are welcome to feed or breastfeed your baby anywhere in church but please ask the Church Wardens if you would like a quieter place to do this.

There is a toilet near the vestry which is accessed at the front of the pews to the left. If you would like somewhere more comfortable to change your baby’s nappy then ask the Wardens.

We want young people to feel included in our worship. If your child would like to sit on the floor at the front to get a better view of the drama unfolding then they are welcome to do so as long as it is safe. If your child is interested in joining the serving team and being part of the drama then let us know.

If you would like to know more about any Children or Young People's activities, please e mail 

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